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The surprised SMT solution
ASCEN provide OEM serve and producting standard /customized automatic assembly equipment,specialize in PCB conveyor,PCB depaneling machine,PCB router,SMT component feeder,PCB loader unloader and so on

Aluminium T8 Tube PCB Depaneling Machine 1200mm Length Burring - Free

Detailed Product Description

ASCEN technology team is escorted by a vigorous team of humble and patient staff. They enjoy listening to the clients and tailoring automatic assembly solutions up to clients' demand. we dedicated to making quality machine that help our clients operate more efficiently and effectively.If you interested in our complete equipment solution,please go to our engineering web:

LED Application: 1200mm LED T8 T5 Certification: CE ISO
Condition: New Lead Time: One Day
Name: PCB Depaneling Machine Speed: Adjustable

    Aluminium T8 Tube PCB Depaneling Machine 1200mm Length Burring - Free​


 LED Tube 1200mm Aluminium YES-6 PCB Depanelizer Machine Characters:


T8 T5 LED Tube strip pcb separator manufacturer supply you the burring-free and stress-free pcb separation,make you led tube lighting up.


Cutting Lenght : Unlimited.
Voltage : 110V / 220V
Certificates: CE Mark
Weight : 85 Kg / 98 Kg .
Platform length: 1.5 M / 2.4 M
Cutting Board : v-cut pcb board , FR4 board . LED Aluminum board
Dimension: 958*506*333mm / 1020*506*333mm
Cutting Speed : 80,120, 200, 400mm/s
Cutting Thickness: 0.2-5mm
Voltage: 230V/50Hz(110V/60Hz)
Power: 40W



Aluminium PCB Depaneler Feature:


1. It is electric control,the straight knife type separator machines were designed to separate pre-scored panel boards carefully, without bending or tension stress. Even sensitive SMD-components like ceramic capacitors will not be damaged by the separate process. Due the special design of the knives also boards with high components placed closed to the edages can be separated safely.


2. No vibration during the process to prevent damage to precise PCB


3. Gap for insertion of the board can simply be adjusted by means of the adjusting knob , low friction design is applied


4. Lower knife height adjustable, no thin plates are required after re-sharpening the cutting blade


5. Operation and maintenance can be done also by unskilled personnel.



V Groove PCB Depaneling Machine Structure and working :

1. With unique cutting method , the circuit board is cut by six blades . It is a group composed of one upper


and one lower blade , and is also a cutting unit. There are A, B, C, three groups. The whole cutting


process is divided into three stages from group A blade which cut 40% board then to the group B blade


knife cut through groove cutting by group A to complete another 40% .the last 20% is cut by group C


blade and finishing. because each cutting volume is small, the stress produced during the cutting


progress declined by more than 80% compared with the traditional cut off at a time. Thus the edge of the


board and its surface are very smooth without warping . Currently, it is the only machine that can


guarantee the aluminum plate without deformation after cutting .

2. because of the multiple cutting, cutting process is very smooth and greatly improves the capability of


position of V-CUT groove . Even if with shallow slot V-CUT groove the board won t jump out of blade,


avoiding adverse.

3. Because cutting force of the blade is small. abd with high speed steel material which is imported from


the Swedish. durability of the blade greatly improved , and the lifetime can be one year or more when


cutting the aluminum board.


Customers Aluminium PCB Test by Our PCB Separator YES6


Our old customer Mr.Jones from Canada design a new led strip and bring samples to our factory to test by the PCB Depanelizer


Aluminium T8 Tube PCB Depaneling Machine 1200mm Length Burring - Free





ASCEN technology co.,ltd specializing in the SMT automatic equipment and provide the automatic solution for the smart factory for save more producing cost.

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