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The surprised SMT solution
ASCEN provide OEM serve and producting standard /customized automatic assembly equipment,specialize in PCB conveyor,PCB depaneling machine,PCB router,SMT component feeder,PCB loader unloader and so on
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Multi panel PCB depaneling amchine

Multi panel PCB depaneling amchine

Large Image : Multi panel PCB depaneling amchine

ASCEN multi cutter high speed multi panel PCB depaneling machine with high precision,you can get the nice cutting result for separate the PCB printed circuit board that make of  FR4/Aluminum/CEM-1 material after cut.

Please go to see the video for the Multiple PCBs depaneling machine, you will know the machine how to work.
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ASCEN technology team is escorted by a vigorous team of humble and patient staff. They enjoy listening to the clients and tailoring automatic assembly solutions up to clients' demand. we dedicated to making quality machine that help our clients operate more efficiently and effectively.If you interested in our complete equipment solution,please go to our engineering web:

ASCEN mini multi panel PCB depaneling machine with high efficiency: mini ASC-900 model 

1)ASCEN mini type multi panel pcb depaneling equipment can separate up to 20 PCBs simultaneously,without deformation and burrs it mainly use for the PCB assembly in the large mass production with the high efficiency and  Most of lighting manufacturer or the PCBA assembly line which in the mess production will choose this multi cutter type PCB depaneling machine to reduce their labor cost , and then save their more production cost.

2)Mini type multi panel PCBA V grooving depaneling machine with small dimention and high output., it can be customized to long version for depaneling the 1200mm length LED panel,you can place this PCB separator on desktop for operation,which allows them to be placed anywhere when you have space limitations. purcahse this mini type multiple panel depaneling machine is the lowest cost solution to solve the quickly depaneling PCB panel in the mass production for your factory.  

3) This a multi cutter high speed PCB depaneling machine with high precision,you can get the nice cutting result for separate the PCB printed circuit board that make of  FR4/Aluminum/CEM-1 material after cut. 

4) This LED PCB depaneling machine with a lower cost and easy to changeover the PCB module, it greatly to save more production time.

5)Multi panel PCB depaneler equipment is very popular to suitable for separate the large quantities of milled PCBs on the PCB assembly lineMost of time, one set of this mini type high speed PCB depaneling can satisfy for production output from the 3-5 SMTassembly line. Almost cover the PCB cutting in the whole factory. that is why ASCEN mini PCB depaneling machine so popular in the eletronic assembly manufacturer and the smart factory.

Please go to see the video for the Multiple PCBs depaneling machine, you will know the machine how to work.

About how to choose PCB depaneling equipment quickly separate your PCB board it depend on your production output on the line. 

     If you are the LED light manufacturer, Your can choose ASCEN mini multi panel PCB separator cutting the T8 tube strip or PCB panel which in the  FR4/Aluminum/CEM-1 material. most of LED panel with multi PCB stripes,the operator need separate up to 20 PCBs in every PCB panel, multi cutter type PCB cutting machine use for your PCB panel only need 5 second to finish, and only need one operator to finish, that is greatly for save the time and with the high efficiency, if your factory in the mess production, this mini 900 model is the best way to save our more production cost.

To compare the single cutter type PCB cutting machine, Please check the ASC-700N series PCB cutting machine, this PCB cutting machine only cut the PCB board one by one.mutli panel PCB separation equipment have the higher precision and higher efficiency than ASC-700N series machine, single cutting type ASC-700N series machine cut the PCB one by one, and the multi cutter type 900 machine can cut the whole PCB at one time. you can compare this both machine like following:  

       If your PCB has 10 V-cut, the production efficiency for one set  900 machine = 10 sets of  710 machine simultaneous operation. add 10 workers cost, but the ASC-900 machine only need one operator labor cost,so the multi cutter type PCB depaneling machine will save your more cost in the future.

       Of course, if your factory with the low output,  ASC-700N series PCB cutting machine is best choose for you.

Multi panel PCB depaneling machine Features:
* The distance between upper and lower cutter can be precisely adjusted, the separating thickness of PCB range is : 0.8MM-3.0MM.
* Suitable cutting material of PCB :aluminum ,FR4,glass fiber.
* This automatic PCB depaneling machine with 2 cutting module and 3 cutting module optional via the PCB board material.The whole cutting process is divided into 2 or 3 stages. The stress of the cutting process can be reduced by 80% than the traditional one-cut process for the small cutting quantity each time. And the edges of the board are quite smooth and won’t bend and twist after cutting.
* Unique bar design, can quickly separating the edge of the LED board and the PCBA, for the development of the PCBA with high component , also suitable for other long LED panel with the Aluminum meterial.

ASCEN technology co.,ltd specializing in the SMT automatic equipment and provide the automatic solution for the smart factory for save more producing cost.

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