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The surprised SMT solution
ASCEN provide OEM serve and producting standard /customized automatic assembly equipment,specialize in PCB conveyor,PCB depaneling machine,PCB router,SMT component feeder,PCB loader unloader and so on

Linear Blades PCB Depaneling Tool Air Driven Mode Double Straight Knife Cutting

Detailed Product Description

ASCEN technology team is escorted by a vigorous team of humble and patient staff. They enjoy listening to the clients and tailoring automatic assembly solutions up to clients' demand. we dedicated to making quality machine that help our clients operate more efficiently and effectively.If you interested in our complete equipment solution,please go to our engineering web:

Mode: Air Driven Components Height: 50mm
PCB Protype: V CUT Application: All Type PCB
Driven Type: Motorized Guarrantee: One Year




Linear Blades PCB Depaneling Tool Air Driven Mode Double Straight Knife Cutting


CAB PCB Depanelizer MAESTRO 4M  PCB Separator Contents:

1. Double straight knife cutting, quite suitable for separating precise SMD sheet and aluminum board.


2. uillotine type, and suitable for various thickness PCB, plate cutting stroke below 2mm, no operation safety concerns.


3. The internal stress which is produced during cutting drop to below180uE, In order to avoid split, and prevent precision parts damaged.


4. Can cut the board which the width between the V groove edge and parts is 0.3mm, height is 60mm.


5. The cutting tool can be repeated grinding freely after wearing.


Most of our customers Questions about PCB Depaneling Mahcine :

1. Q:Do you have any certification for this machine?
A:YES,We have CE ISO FCC ROHS etc.
2. Q:What is warranty of the machine?
A:1 year.
3. Q:How do you pack the machine?
A:We fix the machine on the plywood base with screws to ensure safe transportation.
4. Q:What is life time of machine blades?
A:About 6-12 months.
5. Q:What is material of blades?
A:Japan high speed steel SKH-9
6. Q:Can the blades be sharpened?
A:Yes, they could be re-sharpened for 2-3 times.
7. Q:How do you offer oversea service?
A:We could send engineer to do installation and training for client if needs.
8. Q:Can we see your machine in our country?
A:Yes, we would like to offer contact details of our clients who are using our machines.


No Stress PCB Depaneler Specifications:


PCB Thickness: 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm
Maximum Depaneling Length 330 mm
Maximum Component Height 20 mm
Depaneling Mode Pneumatic
Separating Speed N/A
Scoring Angle 20
Power Supply 220V,50HZ, 110V,50HZ(option)
Starting mode Switch
Air requirement 0.7Mpa
Product Size L680xW250xH450mm
Net Weight 138 kg


Our  V Cut PCB Separator Application


Mainly design for high components SMD PCB factory.


LED Panel,Fiber Board,Aluminium Plate,Aluminium Substrate,Copper Substrate FR4,Glass Fiber Board

Product Introduction


pcb depanelizer

Linear Blades PCB Depaneling Tool Air Driven Mode Double Straight Knife Cutting




ASCEN technology co.,ltd specializing in the SMT automatic equipment and provide the automatic solution for the smart factory for save more producing cost.

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